sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

1780's printed cotton robe à l'Anglaise

The dress is made of 18th century reproduction Dutch chintz and lined with linen. It is hand sewn with linen tread. Each piece of the bodice is lined separately attaching them together with running stitch with the seam allowances on the inside. The pieces are then whip stitched together. The skirt top is folded in shape, pleated and then whip stitched to the bodice. Striped silk sash is made of two lengths of fabric, edged with a rolled hem.

Construction pictures:

The petticoat:

It's made of three panels of sheer cotton, whip stitched together at the selvedge. I made slits on both sides, folded and pleated the top edges and whip stitched them on long tapes, front and back separately. It is worn over hand sewn linen petticoat and a false rump.

The rump:

It is hand sewn, linen with linen tread, filled with unprocessed cotton fiber.

I based it on this drawing from Manchester Art Gallery:

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  1. Oh my, I love this dress! It's simply gorgeous. And I love the fabric you used.. I've been wanting to make a dress like this one for quite a long time now, so I was wondering, was it difficult to get a good shape for the front of the bodice? I've tried with a caraco from Patterns of Fashion, and I simply can't get it to fit properly! (I maybe have a weird shape, aha)

    1. Thank you!

      I think a basic 18th century bodice is relatively easy to fit. Having the point and CF edge at least partially on the bias helps.

  2. this whole blog ist just tooo amazing ! My biggest contratulations to your skills. PHANTASTIC !
    Keep on being creative :-)

  3. This one is beside your black mourning gown my absoulte favorite.
    Do you just make your own patterns from your inspiration?
    The form just looks perfect. Absolutly perfect.
    I really want to make that dress. Its amazing.
    I love the fittet form and the sheereniss of the skirt.

    Is there any chance you could make a pattern out of this dress? I think I would even pay for it.