maanantai 11. huhtikuuta 2011

1780's robe à la Turque

Edited: Please note that this dress is not a true robe à la Turque. I thought it would be back when I was making it, but soon after I learned that it should be constructed differently and is now closer to a robe à l'Anglaise with a cut-away front.

I had one week time to make a new dress and I didn't want to buy new fabric. I had three yards of the lilac silk taffeta. Not enough for a robe à l'Anglaise, but just enough for a robe à la Turque. I also had a few scraps of off white silk taffeta that I used to make the zone front and the sleeves. It's hand sewn, boldly with white linen thread, using my favorite technique in which you line each piece individually with running stitch and then whip stitch the pieces together. The sash, petticoats, rump, corset and shift are the ones introduced earlier.

Attending a play, Bluebeard, at Ruotsinpyhtää Rendezvous:

The only construction picture I have:

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