maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

18th century winter clothing

I needed warm 18th century clothes to take part in a winter trek. It was a cold weather (-20 degrees C / -4.00 degrees F) so I made a hooded wool cloak, two woolen short gowns that close with straight pins, woolen petticoat and one exceptionally warm quilted petticoat. For the sake of easy movement I made unboned leather stays and a shift with full sleeves. I also wore a linen neck handkerchief and a linen cap. I tried my best to keep the outfit authentic but warm. The cap could have been bigger, but this style seems to stay on better in wind and all the action.

This picture was taken as I woke up and hadn't yet put on all of my clothes so it gives a good view of the shift and the stays.

All the above pictures by Quill

The stays were just two pieces of leather that had lacing holes in both center front and center back edges.

The petticoat was made of two panels that consisted of two layers of unbleached linen stuffed with a thick layer of unprocessed wool, still greasy and all. It was hand quilted, but with rather long stitches.

In this picture the quilting is finished in one direction. The hem is on the right, the top edge at the left.

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