maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

First hand sewn 18th century stays

So they were my first hand sewn stays, and when I was finished I really thought they were going to be my last, but I was so wrong. Stays are very addictive. The pattern was drafted by me. I didn't base it in any existing pattern, but I tried to achieve the same shape and look as the 1770's stays in the Victoria an Albert Museum.
They are made from duchess silk satin, two layers of coarse linen and a separate linen lining. They are boned with spring steel and the the busk is made of wood. The sewing was made with linen thread. The main reason I eventually wanted to make a new pair was that the bust is too tight and the steel boning makes it too stiff. Also the stitching isn't neat enough for my taste.

Here you can also see the bumroll that I made at the same time. I also made a new shift with narrower sleeves although they are still quite full.

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