sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

18th century stagecoach station evening entertainment

Most of the Finnish historical events are more or less lower class, and as I'm definitely not a lower class kind of seamstress, I usually don't have anything appropriate to wear and patiently wait for the next ball. Last Friday's entertainment was also strictly lower class, but for some reason I was tempted to go. Silk is usually forbidden, but, as my mourning round gown is simple and sombre, I got a permission to wear it to the event. The theme for the event was an evening in an 18th century stagecoach station where travelers could wait for their ride, eat and drink and get travel passes. Earlier in the afternoon there had been an actual horse outside the venue with a carriage that anyone from the street could get a ride after paying a small fee. Because of work I arrived so late that I just got to see the carriage leave for the last round, so I went straight in to get my travel pass and mix with other people.

Herr Waselius signing travel passes:

My travel pass. Passes are in Swedish as Finland was a part of Sweden in the 18th century (as you already might know).

The food was excellent and by the time I took the picture, most of it was already gone.

The rest of the evenings entertainment included music, community singing and dancing.

Fröken Tirbuck playing the violin:

The evening went swiftly and by midnight my own "stagecoach" came to take me home.

Me in the Helsinki night, just outside the venue:

And the dress:

It was great to get to wear the round gown again and I still find the cap rather delightful. It makes a funny profile.

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  1. How fun! I wish I could have been there! Oh well, some other time...

    1. I wish you could have been there too, but I hope we'll see you at some of the bigger events later this year.

  2. The pictures truly make you feel as if it's possible to look through a spyglass into the 18th century. Thank you very much for sharing! You look stunning as always :)

  3. You will have to come to a ball in Sweden some day! :)