sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

Kuninkaan Päivä 2012

The last weekend of September I made a trip to Tampere to attend an 18th century fashion show in an event called Kuninkaan Päivä. Sometimes responsibilities get in the way of hobbies. This weekend was one of those occasions. I was able to spent maybe three hours there and miss the evening party. 

Because in late September the weather gets awfully chilly, I had hoped I could wear my riding habit and luckily my wish was granted. I got there a little late. I had about 15 minutes to lace the stays and put all the clothing layers on and then rush to the corridor outside the fashion show room to wait for my turn. The show was swiftly over and I had some time to talk with Sanna. Then we watched the soldiers give a public military drill, admire with envy their muskets after the drill (oh, how I wish I had one myself) and then talk a little with Sanna again. And then I really had to get going again. And because of that I don't have that many pictures or nothing much more to tell. But from what I've heard from others, I believe the event was a great success and everyone had great time at the ball.

The fashion show begun with a dressing scene. The audience got to see all the layers starting with lacing the corset.

Then they were shown very early century fashion.

This was followed by evening wear and ball gowns.

Then it was our turn to model informal clothing and military uniforms.

The show ended with late century fashion.

These next four pictures of me in the fashion show are taken by Teemu Laukkarinen.

Our soldiers after the drill.

Gouvernante Astrid's new mantua. She looked great and it was fun to see something different from the usual robes à l'Anglaise and à la Française.

And who can resist stripes? Sanna looked fabulous in her new striped dress.

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  1. I adore and need all of the clothes! I would love to go to an event like this!

    1. It was fun to have so many well dressed people there. I wish I could have stayed longer.

  2. Are you related to Sanna? You look like you could be sisters. Lovely as always.

    1. Thank you! And no, we are not related. I was lucky to meet her last year in an 18th century ball. :)