sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

The Christmas Ball 2012

The first weekend of December meant it was time for the annual Christmas Ball, held in Suomenlinna fortress and hosted by our society Helsingin Wanha Waruwäki ja Kaupungin Hywät Asukkaat. The ball has grown over the years and this year there were almost 70 of us. The organizers did a wonderful job. Especially our chef, cooks and everyone helping in the kitchen. The food was excellent! 

But if I enjoyed the dinner I loved the dancing! I haven't had too many chances to try period dances before. I have been to a weekend course where we were taught a basic court minuet. And for a little while now our members from Tampere have been very active in learning and teaching the rest of us, but I have missed practically all the opportunities. I was delighted to hear that the fabulous people from Menuett Akademien were going to come to the ball too and that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. The gentlemen were wonderful and guided me through all the dances. None of which I had danced before. But this time I got to dance until my feet hurt and then then I took my shoes off and danced some more. It was so much fun and I can't wait until the next opportunity!

The candlelight made it very hard to take pictures and most of the ones that aren't just black blurs were taken while waiting for the ball the start and before all artificial light was turned down. The nonexistent lighting ruined most of the pictures I took during the evening, and there would have been so much more I would have liked to share with you. The dancing, our musicians and pretty dresses, but sadly these are all I have.

I wore this robe à l'Anglaise from last year. I tried to style my hair in a wider pouf, like in some Gainsborough paintings. I decorated it with white feathers, silk ribbon and string of pearls.

The shoes, the ones I also made last year, are not the most comfortable for dancing. But they survived all the gallop steps and that's what matters I guess.

When I was waiting for the ferry to take me back to the city, I took two pictures of the island.

This is a working lighthouse and a church.

The gateway leading to the island.

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  1. This is wonderful, I feel like I have already seen it before (?) but if so, it is wonderful to see again! What a night, it seems like a beautiful dream!

    1. It was really nice. :)

      And you could have seen it before. I published it a little earlier in my other blog on LiveJournal.

  2. I so enjoyed this post! We are anticipating the annual Colonial Twelfth Night Ball here in New England, and I plan to wear my new sacque gown.
    Your photos are lovely and you look stunning madam!

    1. Thank you very much!

      Is your new gown the lovely striped one? All your gowns are so beautiful that you will look wonderful no matter which gown you'll choose. I hope you are going to have a wonderful time!