maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2012

18th century riding habit gloves

I'm going to need a pair of white elbow length leather gloves for a project I'm currently working on. As I don't like making mock-ups that get just thrown away, I thought a pair of wrist length gloves would make a great mock-up to try out the pattern and would also go well with a riding habit that I have just finished. My riding habit is a version of the famous Reynolds portrait of Lady Worsley so I chose kid leather in a close color to hers. I used a modern pattern as a base, but took the thumb shape from my 18th century mitts. I used whip stitching to construct the gloves and stitched them wrong sides together. The size seems ok and I need to make only small changes for the finer pair. But I need to find a thinned leather to make them more delicate.