sunnuntai 8. joulukuuta 2013

1770's -1780's accessories

My most recent project, robe à la Polonaise à coqueluchon, is a day dress and I wanted to accessorize it accordingly. I needed a new hat, elbow length gloves and I also wanted equipage. I couldn't justify purchasing any of those gorgeous reproduction equipage that are available. Facing the option of making my own, I was inspired by the mismatched pearly equipage that Marie Antoinette is carrying in the 1785 Wertmüller portrait.

Mine are just quickly strung together and not nearly as fancy. And I don't have a proper reproduction 18th century style pocket watch to wear with it. But regardless, it's nice to have these to add a little more life in the outfit.

The hat is a buckram hat with a wired brim. It's covered with white silk and decorated with strips of striped silk taffeta. It's hand sewn the same was as all my previous buckram hats so I didn't bother with construction photos.

The gloves are made of leather. These are stitched together by whip stitching the seams from the underside.