perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

Costume College dress rehearsal, 1770's robe à la Polonaise à coqueluchon

This dress was one of the seven I took with me to Costume College this year. I hadn't had a  proper chance to try out all the different ways to drape the back having only worn it a couple of minutes in freezing cold when it was finished, so I wanted to try it on before I packing. And while I was at it, I did a simple hairstyle to go with it and took a couple of photos that I thought I'd share.

perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2014

1740's stays

I'm back from a little sewing and blogging hiatus I've been having since late March / early April. One of the last things I got finished before the break were these stays. But, for various reasons, I never tried them on until today. I still have a couple of finishing touches to make to the proper mid century shift to go under the stays, but I thought I'd post about them now anyway.

The stays are made from two layers of linen canvas, reproduction 18th century silk brocade / droguet as the top layer and linen lining. They are bound with silk grosgrain (the narrower grosgrain over seams is rayon) and hand sewn with linen thread. They are boned with reed.

They are based on the c. 1740 stays in Norah Waugh's Corsets and crinolines with only the side back seams taken in a little at the waist to fit my shape better.


I constructed them my usual way. After outlining the pieces, I quilted the boning channels.

I inserted the boning, secured the edges and whip stitched the seam allowances down. Then I made the lacing holes.

Then I whipped the seams together, made horizontal boning cases from linen tape in the stomacher and then bound the stays.

Lastly I added the lining.

Dark attics, regency dresses and costume movies in Dallas / Fort Worth

Back in March I travelled to Dallas to stay with my dear friend Jen. There were two other long distance friends arriving there too for some regency fun, Elizabeth and Maggie, so I couldn't miss spending a weekend together. We begun on Friday afternoon with a flashlight tour through the attics, service quarters and basements of  Thistle Hill mansion. Most of us dressed up for the occasion, but being worn out from making the two dresses needed for Saturday, I went as a muggle. Many of these photos are from Jen.

Arriving to the mansion. Jen and Ginger looking amazing:

Thistle Hill was beautiful. I especially loved the green tiling.

The carriage house.

To see all the exciting dark corners and cozy servants' rooms, you have to take the tour, but I love this photo of Jen, so I have to share. (I think it was taken by Maggie.) She had an antique flash light. So perfect.

And how adorable was Maggie's outfit!

So graceful!

After the tour we headed to Ginger's beautiful house for pizza, Pride and Prejudice and last minute sewing. It was so much fun!

On Saturday we got dressed up and went to stroll around Fort Worth's Log Cabin Village. I knew it was going to be fun but it turned out to be unexpectedly fabulous time. And although I've never really cared much about the high waisted fashions, they definitely grew on me that day. The comfort! And with so many of us wearing bright colors, I thought we looked quite cute.

And the most amazing part. There was a live band and we got to dance! Elizabeth and Ginger are both great dancers. The rest of us mostly followed their lead and cheered.

And you all know about the Regency Ladies Wedgie Society, right?

After Log Cabin Village we visited an antique market and then went to get dressed for dinner. So many stays and petticoats in one hotel room! 

By the time we got to the restaurant, I had mostly forgotten about my camera so regrettably I don't have many photos from the dinner. Most of these are Jen's.

She wore an amazing hand painted dress. And the feather was epic!

Red and black, my favorite colors.

Matching necklaces.

Bingley sisters!

I loved the way Ginger dressed up her red dress for dinner.

After dinner we headed back to Gingers for another night of costume movies and that was the perfect ending to such a lovely day.

I had so much fun, ladies! I hope to see you again soon!