maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

18th century mitts

I love accessories, so when I found myself with a small piece of leftover leather, I was thrilled to discover it would be just enough for a pair of mitts. I wanted fancy silk mitts so I made the top layer from cream silk taffeta, but the leather worked wonderfully as a lining and made them sturdy and very warm.  I apologize for the blurry quality of some the pictures.

The construction:

I made the top layer from cream silk taffeta. I attached the thumb and made the wrist slit. Then I turned under all raw edges and top stitched them with herringbone stitch. I top stitched also the thumb seam.

Then I made a similar leather lining, just without the pointed tip, and whip stitched it to the silk around all edges. Then I closed the wrist slit by fagoting.

I lined the tip with blue silk taffeta and closed the side seam by fagoting and they were finished.

The finished mitt inside out.