sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017

Late Victorian corset

Single layer cotton coutil corset with pink flossing. Gusseted corset with felled seams. Bone casings are formed with a tape sewn on the underside of the corset. It's boned with synthetic whalebone. 

This time I was much happier with the results. Bust is rounded and low and the busk curves nicely on the side profile. Waist is defined but not too waspy.

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  1. Hi, I follow your blog for several years through rss feed, without commenting because I don't have any sewing level, and can only watch your creations that let me wordless...

    I have a question about your life with this kind of corset : do you have questions or remarks from people that don't know your passion ? or by your doctor ? and from your own feeling, can you tell that things said about corset and health are true or wrong ? (you know those pictures from the 1900s with "normal" and "corseted body"...)

    If you ever wrote about it, I may have miss the article.

    Thanks again for sharing this beautiful work with us.

    1. There is a lot of information out there that you can find regarding corsets and the long-term effects on the body. The thing to remember is that anything can be taken to the extremes. When things are taken to the extremes they can become dangerous.

      However, Wearing corsets, especially those that are well fit for your body do not have the negative effects like the old myth continue to perpetuate. A German medical trivia TV show had a burlesque dancer and tight lacer on to show what wearing a corset looks like through MRI imaging. This corset was specially made with no metal for the purpose or mri imaging. Then they ask people before they revealed the images what type or areas would be compromised, it turned out that the lungs and heart and stuff are high enough in the chest cavity that it was of no concern they weren't touched at all, then they moved a lower and they revealed the intestines and contrary to popular belief the intestines were not as compromised as prior we believed either, for the most part they stay together with the exception of one part of the intestinal track that shifted above and stretch below the waist when she was laced up tightly. Then the doctors on the show showed a picture of what happens to a woman's body and how the intestines move around when she is pregnant and it's revealed that the effects of pregnancy far exceed the effects of wearing a corset.

      Now bear in mind, The experience of wearing a new well fitted course that to your body whether that's through purchasing one custom-made for you or shopping around and being aware of the course that and the measurements to make sure it best suits your body and your needs are going to be much different than just purchasing some flimsy imitation off the rack corset that mom may not be constructed well and doesn't fit well. A proper fitting course that you will find are actually very very comfortable.

      She makes all of her projects designed it to her measurements into her body which means that they're probably very comfortable.

      Lastly bear in mind that somebody who wears corset every single day may or may not have any long-term effects positive or negative but somebody who wears corsets recreationally for costuming or events are going to be subjected to substantially less effects positive or negative.

      Hope this helps

  2. I'm curious about boning placement - those short diagonal bones on each side of the bust - how do you find they alter the overall final shape relative to just having lots of full length vertical boning? Thanks, Lisa (Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.)

  3. Do you have a pattern for this corset - it's absolutely beautiful! I would love to make one for myself.