tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

c. 1760 Jesuit

This was more of an update type of project than a new gown. I managed to find more of the same silk taffeta that I used for my robe à la Française in 2011 so I just made a hooded waistcoat and sleeve extensions to make it double as an 18th century Jesuit gown.

How it works:

I pinned the sleeve extensions on under sleeve ruffles.

The gown is pinned in to the waistcoat under the robings like it would be in to a stomacher.


Back of the waistcoat is plain linen, back seam is flat felled.

Visible part of back is covered with silk, this is the underside.

Fronts and hood are two layers of silk, cream and white, cream silk facing.

Shoulder seam

Bust dart

Sleeve extensions

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  1. What a perfect way to face cool spring days! I like that it works so well with your robe à la française!

  2. So gorgeous! Very ingenious and practical. Perfect for fickle weather.

  3. As always, your garments are exquisite! Also, this is such a great re-use of a dress you already have. :)


  4. Remarquable travail pour un résultat superbe!!!

  5. Your style is very similar with me, recommend you a http://www.zaful.com/s/midriff-dress/ ,this will brand you a new image.

  6. This is amazing! What a great way to give a gown a new look! Thanks for posting the construction details of the waistcoat too. :) Beautiful job and photographs as always.

  7. Oh my gosh, I totally love this! What a fantastic way to update an already beautiful gown. Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


  8. What a great way to update a dress! It looks fabulous! :D

  9. Your dress looks fantastic!! I made this in a floral poly chiffon, and it was a beast to get it looking good.

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  10. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  11. This is so different, love it. The waistcoat completely transforms the dress it looks very comfortable, it's so conservative but the high neckline really brings out the shape of the bodice. The trim is also just gorgeous, top quality work!

  12. OMG. You and your dresses are so freaking BEAUTIFUL! Like I can't handle it! It like pains me it's so beautiful. LOL in a good way. Wow wow wow wow!