tiistai 19. huhtikuuta 2011

1871 dress aka the Tissot dress

A sheer cotton voile dress. The bodice is lined with white cotton sateen. It's based on the 1870-71 dress in Patterns of Fashion. The inspiration came from the paintings In the Conservatory and Bunch of Lilacs by Tissot. I for the skirts I basically used the patten as it were and only altered the underskirt length as I added five inches to the hem, cut the train a little shorter and changed the overskirt opening from front to center back. I also had to add an inch to the waistband. For the bodice I altered the size and proportions a little and the bodice back piecing. Apart from the long skirt seams and the main bodice seams, it's handsewn. It's worn over my early bustle underwear introduced earlier.


I sewed the skirts with french seams.

The overskirt tapes are attached with buttons sewn on the skirt.

The flounces are edged with a rolled hem and pleated. The box pleated trim and the flounces are hand sewn to the skirt.

The underside.

The bodice is left a little short.

The basque belt covers the gap.

The bodice closes with hooks and eyelets. It's boned only on the center front.

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  1. I love this gown :))
    What method did you use to attach the pleating and trim to the skirt? Was the trim attached to the pleating first and then the combination attached to the skirt? When I look at your skirt I can't see what happened to the seam allowance.

  2. Thank you!

    I attached the pleating and the trim separately. I didn't want any visible machine stitching, so I found it easiest to machine sew the pleating first and then hand stitch the trim on top.

    I sewed the skirts with french seams, so the seam allowances are turned inside.

  3. This is GORGEOUS! I've never seen an 1871 silhouette done so well, outside of paintings.

  4. Beautiful work!! How do you alter the size of the patterns from Pattern of Fashion? I always seem to have trouble with this and I would love to get over my crutch, any help is greatly appreciated :) Feel free to email me corsetliaison(at)gmail.com

    1. Thank you! I enlarge it in the original size first and compare it to my flat pattern measurements and draw the new pattern lines accordingly.

  5. So very beautiful! :)