lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

1880's hat and gloves

This summer I finally made the missing accessories to complete my 1887 style late bustle dress. The gloves are hand stitched from leather. I used my previous glove pattern with small adjustments to make them fit even better and lengthened them to cover all skin and reach under the 3/4 length sleeves. The hat was made using the adorable Truly Victorian TV551 pattern. It's a buckram frame hat covered with silk taffeta and decorated with feathers. I wanted it to look like a lady had walked in to a boutique and chosen a hat that she liked and paired it with a dress she already had, so I didn't want to use the scraps from the dress to make it. I think the brown silk goes nicely with the dress but doesn't look too carefully matched. More like regular clothing.

And with this I was finally able to have the 1887 dress from last year officially finished.

Construction pictures:

The gloves were just stab stitched from the inside.

The hat frame and wired brim.

The hat pattern is unaltered, but I constructed the hat using techniques closer to those in Lynn McMasters's patterns.