tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

1780's French redingote

Earlier this year Kendra and I found out that we had both planned a redingote after a sketch of Marie-Antoinette for this year. I had originally planned this project for fall but as it would be fabulous to get to wear our redingotes together, I hurried to get it done in time for Costume College. It's made of black and white silk taffeta and lined with linen. It's hand sewn with linen and silk thread. The hat is a silk taffeta covered buckram hat. It's worn over my 1780's stays, shift, two linen petticoats and an older rump with the new quilted rump on top. The shoes are the striped ones I made last year worn with my silk stockings.

I started with a vision of an over the top, loud haute couture redingote, but as it progressed, I toned the plan down as you can see.

And because Georgians loved their artwork with a lady adjusting her garter:


Because I was running so low on time I didn't take many construction notes. But I made it similarly to many of my previous 18th century gowns. Each bodice piece is lined individually and then stitched together.

The insides.

Making the trim:

The pinked trim was gathered and pinned to the base.

Then I stitched it down.

Then I twisted and pinned on a strip of black taffeta with raw edges folded inside.

I stitched it down and added fabric covered wood mold buttons on top.


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  1. The dress is stunning, and you look amazing in it! So much detail and the hat just tops the outfit off! :)

  2. My word your dresses are beautiful! I hope I get a chance to see them in person some day!

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos! Toistaiseksi hauskaa on riittänyt. :)

  4. Really, this is one of the most beautiful gown ever! It is perfect! :)

  5. So elegant and sophisticated, everything is just perfect!

  6. Every new outfit made by you amazes me! So gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely stunning. You look gorgeous!

  8. This is stunning! I love your work. I'm sharing this post on my Facebook page. :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emilys-Vintage-Visions/449224581781602

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  9. Your dress is splendid! I love the work you put into your garments, like the hand-sewn shoes, or the pinked trim and twisted silk on this dress. Your sewing skills astound me-ever since I found your blog you've been the costumer I "want to be" when I grow up :D. Excellent job, I sincerely love this dress. :)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! The construction and fit are just perfect. Did you pink all the trim with a pinking iron?

    1. Thank you! Yes, the trim is made with my old and trusted pinking iron. :)

  11. It was quiet here at your blog site recently, which left me all in anticipation of the wonders that might be in progress. When I've read your blog name on my blog roll I simply knew, stunning creations and pictures would be only a 'click' away :)
    And I wasn't dissapointed! What a marvelous dress! I'm especially fond of the details on the skirt and the construction of those. So pretty and well made!
    Thank you for sharing another eye candy and thank you to bring the past so vividly via the amazing photos!


    1. Thank you very much! These two projects certainly kept me busy, but now it's nice to be able to relax for a moment before taking on a new project. :)

  12. Your work is absolutly magnificent as usual. It is such a pleasure to discover your creations and very inspiring.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.