keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2013

New Atelieri O. Haapala pictures

The day we took the pictures of my latest corset I was actually coming home from having been in front of the camera of my favorite photographers in the world, Saara Salmi and Marco Melander. Or Onyxei Haapala and Helmut Schweinstein as they are known in the Neo-Victorian portraiture project Atelieri O. Haapala. 

Again they did such a wonderful job. And I now have three lovely new pictures as keepsakes of the fun day. I wore the natural form princess line dress from last year and I wore it over the new corset. It worked surprisingly well although the slightly different shape created some extra wrinkling in the unboned satin. But believe it or not, I kind of like a little wrinkling here and there. I like it when dresses I make have natural easiness in them instead of looking like stiff armor.