tiistai 3. joulukuuta 2013

Christmas Ball, 2013

The annual Christmas Ball was held again on the last weekend of November in Suomenlinna. I arrived several hours before the ball to meet with a group of pretty ladies from the North. After changing in to our evening attire, we braved the hard and cold wind and walked across the island to visit Ehrensvärd Museum. Sanna had just made a pair of new dresses, including the gorgeous new saque she wore to the ball, and the museum provided a great photo opportunity. 

My husband got me a new fan as an early birthday present. It's my third fan from Aurora and it might be my favorite of them all. I love the simple neoclassical design.

I thought that the sparkly sequined fan went well with the glittering embroidery of the dress. An effect that's impossible to capture with camera though. I tried playing with sharpness to try to bring it out more, but it's beyond my photo editing skills.

Parts of the exhibition were unfortunately closed but there were still some nice objects to see. 

In my pre ball excitement I asked my husband to take photos of two portraits of ladies wearing court gowns but I completely forgot to ask photos of the labels. So I must apologize for not being able to tell more about them until I visit the museum again.

There were also several examples of gorgeous tilework and of course I had to pose in front of all of them. 

The view from one of the windows.

The ball was held in Tenalji von Fersen, the old granary of the fortress bakery, built in 1775. I love the high arched ceiling. These photos were taken before the ball during an 18th century fair, open for spectators.

The musketeers had several presentations during the day. 

After sundown the ball begun. We started with a terrific 18th century style dinner. I have so much admiration to our cooks, especially Marianne who has, for several years now, come to cook for us all the way from Sweden. Also, some of the foods were presented in clever and debauched arrangements which was highly amusing. 

I was also extremely happy to get to meet Isis for the first time. I loved her new dress. And it was wonderful to get to witness the effects of her authentic 18th century cosmetics in person. I was so impressed with the beautiful glow it created for her skin. 

Just before dessert my evening took a turn for worse and all of a sudden I didn't feel well at all. It got so bad that there was no way I could have stayed any longer. I had to leave before the ball properly even started so regrettably I don't have any photos of any of the guests in their evening finery. And I was crushed that the time spent with friends was cut so short. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing all about it soon.