lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

2nd Annual Grand Oscarian Ball, 2014

This event has quickly become my favorite ball of the year. There's something so magical in waltzing to music played by a live orchestra. And the venue we have had the pleasure to go to these two times is stunning.

When I got the word that the ball is being held again this year, I didn't hesitate for a moment before signing up. Fortunately I had already made a suitable dress last year. Building a wardrobe I sorely need for regency and 1740's events later this spring is keeping me very busy. Too busy to have been able to fit in another dress project. To my embarrassment it is pale pink and simple, just like the one I wore to the first ball a year earlier. But I wish for a 3rd annual ball and, if my wish is granted, I'm determined to finally have a grand and colorful bustle dress.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Russian folk singers in traditional dress to set the atmosphere. Menuett Akademien had chosen a Russian theme for this year and, as a fan of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, I loved it. We were also announced by name upon entering the ball room which I thought was delightful. I was traveling with my friends Riikka and Ida again this year and once we got settled we set out to fill our dance cards for the evening. The amount of gorgeous dresses blew me away. It was evident that everyone had given their best effort to dress up for the occasion. There were also a few uniforms and some men had outdone themselves and had grown impressive moustaches. Most delightful!

To preserve the historical atmosphere, general photographing is restricted during the ball, but the amazing Caroline got a few photos us Finns waltzing and generously gave me the permission to post them here.

Big thanks to Menuett Akademien for making this happen again. And also thanks to the men who braved the dance floor with me, Ragnar, Per, Thomas, Johan and Olof! And Ida and Riikka for keeping me company the whole day and helping me to get dressed.